GUI for CalculTrainer

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Yeh all!!

I’m now writting the graphical user interface for CalculTrainer!!

I do this with GTK+ so the program will be portable and usefull on all OS.

I think I will post some of my GTK+ experiences to show you the progression of the work. But also to give you some examples of what GTK can do basically ;)

Enjoy it and look on the download page or on the GTK page when I will create it!!



CalculTrainer ver.0.2

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Good evening!!

This is made the two first versions of CalculTrainer, your personnal mental arithmetic trainer, are on download!!

For these first versions, the programs run in command line (or dos for windows users!) I will develop a graphical interface as soon as possible!

I think it’s not a problem for the linux users so… enjoy

see you,



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Hi all,

Just this little post to say that I have migrate to ubuntu 8.04 today!! The hardy Heron is very very powerfull compared to w…..s!!

So it was not so difficult execpt maybe for the installation of the driver of my graphical card! But now it’s ok!

I can continue to develop my programs with my prefered OS.

For more information about ubuntu,


Hello world!

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This is my new blog about the Ruby programming langage!!

I just want to present this langage, and more interesting, I would like to share my Ruby’s projects with you!

So, welcome on my blog, enjoy it!!




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